Interred Persons

First Last DOB DOD Epitaph Section Plot Number Listed Owner Comments Tombstone
Robert Miller 2004
Miriam Pledger 7/1/02
Missy Chapman 3/30/05
Esther M. Wettig 11/4/13
Janet Walter 2010
John Leaman 2016
Shannon Groff 2/15/15
Annie Colton 10/14/06
Benjamin Pownall 2004
46 F James C. Miller
38 F James and Judith Profeto
36 F Barbara Walton Kingston
28 F Barbara Walton Kingston
20 F Leona Walton
43 E George W. Walton
36 E George P. Orr card states "on 29-B
23 D Leo Caruthers see no. D-18
95-B B Ellie H. Portner this is all the information listed on the card
58 B William Ellery Simmons