Cemetery Information

NOTE: This information is preliminary and for demonstration purposes. A more complete index is under development.

Last NameFirst NameD.O.B.D.O.D.EpitaphCommentsPlot NumberListen OwnerIndex Card?Photo
AlbrightIsaac N.sept 18, 1855June 24, 191356Isaac Albrightyes
AlbrightElizabeth J.June 1858Dec 27, 191356Isaac Albrightyes
AlbrightClement N.1870193456Isaac Albrightyes
AlbrightLillian T.1887196456Isaac Albrightyes
Albright Jr.Harmon18221877shares f marion hannah eliza61F. Marion Albrightyes
AlbrightElizabeth J.18161898shares f marion hannah harmon61F. Marion Albrightyes
BackenstoneBeverly A. Simmons1942198857 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
BailyZelda18811955wife of john chamberlain51John Chamberlainyes
BakerKathleenDec 31 1902Nov 21 2001his wifeburied with henry
BaxsonSusannafeb 25th, 1805march 28th, 1892mother
BeachMargaret L.10/7/19032/7/2005
Brintonno other info
BrintonRebecca W.died 10th mo. 29. 1803aged 71 yrs 8 mo.? 26 daysaged 71 years46-BCyrus Brintonyes
BrintonFrancis W.1857194646-BCyrus Brintonyes
BrintonMartha A.Dec 30, 1873sept 11 193846-BCyrus Brintonyes
BrintonAnne H.1867194746-BCyrus Brintonyes
BurleighCharles9th. 17th. 184212th. 19th. 1923co. c. 97. pv., hambleton
BushongEdith K.1st mo. 14th 183612th mo 2nd 191491Gilbert Bushongyes
BushongGilbert12th mo. 2nd 13612th mo 10th 191191Gilbert Bushongyes
BushongMarvin E6th mo. 7th 187810th mo 27th 1936"his wife"buried with lydia91Gilbert Bushongyes
BushongLydia Rakestraw4th mo 28th 18778th mo 15th 1958buried with marvin91Gilbert Bushongyes
BushongHenry Rakestraw7th mo. 28th 19047th mo 17th. 1955son of marvin & lydia bushongshares gertrude harry91Gilbert Bushongyes
BushongPhebe A.1840192269Phebe Rakestrawyes
ChamberlainJonas18331911buried w/ phebe51John Chamberlainyes
ChamberlainPhebe A.18361924buried w/ jonas51John Chamberlainyes
ChamberlainJohn1865195651John Chamberlainyes
ChamberlainJessie Dunbarsept. 18, 1868June 17, 194351John Chamberlainyes
ChamberlainGeorge DixonFeb 21,1869Dec 28, 193751John Chamberlainyes
CoatesJoseph A.18851960buried with alta44Henry Pownallyes
CoatesAlta P.18901991buried with joseph44Henry Pownallyes
CoatesNorman Pownall19111987his wifeburied with julia44Henry Pownallyes
CoatesJulia Anna Singler19131977buried with norman44Henry Pownallyes
coxdorothyApril 17, 1944July 25, 2007nee rineerburied with robert
coxrobertNov 21, 1938US armyburied with dorothy
EaxsonJ. Franklinmay 28th, 1808sept 21st 1890father
FreedHorace G.Aug 12, 1883Feb 25, 194276Willis G. Lantzyes
FreedMary LantzNov 16, 1894Aug 2 197176Willis G. Lantzyes
Gertrude R.18721915
GriestThomasillegibledied 2nd mo 9, 191045Joseph P. Greistyes
GriestCatherine P.born 12th mo 1820died 4th mo 1st 190745Joseph P. Greistyes
GriffinHoward E.19071984buried with eleanor
GriffinEleanor C.19132000buried with howard44?yes
GriffithF. Marion18521902shares hannah harmon eliza61F. Marion Griffithyes
GriffithHannah A.18541980shares f marion harmon eliza61F. Marion Griffithyes
HarrisMary Louisa Walker1899198052-AWilliam E. Walkeryes
JaecerSarah L.4/23/18996/30/1981
JaneSarah3rd. 30th, 18366th 19th 1915hambleton
JonesHenry Rakestrawsept 2 1906Oct 11 1975buried with kathleen60Henry Rakestrawyes
JonesElva L. Walls12/30/18958/17/1987
KentWillis B.18641949ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
KentMary W.18541954ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
KeifferHenry Y.19051972buried with marian57 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
KeifferMarion Simmons19071997buried with henry, two cards57 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
KingKyle D.Apr 22, 1989Oct 7, 2003loving son brother and friend
KoobGeorge1897196474Bertram Shayyes
KoobOlive Shay19021996cremains burial74Bertram Shay
KreisleGertrude Bushong8th mo. 4th. 190912th mo 22nd 1971wife of harry clifford kreisleshares henry harry91Gilbert Bushongyes
KreisleHarry Clifford1st mo. 29th 19019th mo 2nd 1986husband of gertrude bushongshares henry gertrude91Gilbert Bushongyes
LantzJoesept 16 1907July 4 191276Willis G. Lantzyes
LantzEthelMay 14 1900June 21, 1900aged 1 month76Willis G. Lantzyes
LantzMary W.May 12, 1869July 8 196276Willis G. Lantzyes
LantzWillis G.Oct 8, 1868Aug 3 194076Willis G. Lantzyes
LantzFrank1898190375Napoleon B. Warneryes
LantzAnnie W.1868196075Napoleon B. Warneryes
LantzWillis G.
LantzJ. Howard18971968shares elsie75Napoleon B. Warneryes
LantzElsie J.19011981wife of J. Howardshares j howard75Napoleon B. Warneryes
LantzGeorge W.9/4/18971/31/1994U.S.N.R. World War I??yes
LinvillAnnadied 6 mo. 1. 1935aged 81 years43Sylvester D. Linvillyes
LinvillSylvester Ddied 5 mo 1886aged 63 years43Sylvester D. Linvillyes
LinvillSarah W.died ? 10,29,1901aged 75 years43Sylvester D. Linvillyes
LinvillClement H.1 mo. 20, 18586 mo. 23, 194543Sylvester D. Linvillyes
LinvillJohn C.born 10 mo 29, 1834died 12 mo 21 1897aged 63 yrs 1 mo & 22 days43Sylvester D. Linvillyes
LittlerAnn Walker18981986ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
LivingstonMary A. WallaceSept 20, 1900Mother, Aged 53 years & 13 days, rest of epitath illegible
LivingstonHerbert C.18821934Fatherstones almost under ground35-AJoseph Livingstonyes
MansfieldElwin C.19001922buried with mary54A. C. Walkeryes
MansfieldMary Helen19031994buried with elwin54A. C. Walkeryes
MauleEmma Z18641910wife of john chamberlain92John Chamberlainyes
MauleNorman C.1978194492Norman C. Mauleyes
MauleEdna Pyle1875196192Norman C. Mauleyes
Maurice J.18701929
Maurice J. Jr.19021986
MooreGrace B.1899196788Maurice J. Brintonyes
MooreWilliam B.18461919son of walker & A.S. Moore87John Mooreyes
MooreElizabeth E.18431917wife of william e moore87John Mooreyes
MountsMarie Koob2/2/192774Bertram Shayyes
MountsDale Charles4/18/19552/27/1997cremains burial74Bertram Shayyes
NobleEthel Phillips1900199489Maurice T. Phillipsyes
Norman J. "Sam"1941yes
OsbornBrian D.19642007yes
PaxsonSusannaborn june 20, 1834died nov 20, 191455-BSusie Paxsonyes
PaxsonCharlotteBorn oct 16, 1832died mar 11, 1911lottie55-BSusie Paxsonyes
PennockJoseph D.?May 5, 187049Francis P. Pennockyes
Pennockfrancis jborn 11 mo. 18, 1826died 8 mo. 19, 1915at rest49Francis P. Pennockyes
PhillipsLucy C.1868195189Maurice T. Phillipsyes
PhillipsMorris T.1867193589Maurice T. Phillipsyes
PownallJoseph D.1819188741Joseph D. Pownallyes
PownallMaluan H.1817189941Joseph D. Pownallyes
PownallMary B.1843191841Joseph D. Pownallyes
PownallElwood P.1848192141Joseph D. Pownallyes
PownallElizabethdied 3 mo. 26. 1905wife of george whitson/aged 83 yrs 3 mo 15 dy48George Whitsonyes
PownallLouissa S.born 9 mo 13th. 1856died 9 mo 23rd 1940wife of henry44Henry Pownallyes
PownallHenry1857190144Henry Pownallyes
QuigleyFrank A.18771947shares jacob, viola, edit, mabel50B. Frank Reedyes
QuigleyEdit T.18811932shares jacob, viola, mabel frank50B. Frank Reedyes
QuigleyMabel T.18891937shares jacob viola edit mabel
RakestrawHenry1845190060Henry Rakestrawyes
RakestrawMary J.1845193760Henry Rakestrawyes
RineerAnna M.Mar 26 1918Feb 13 2014nee:rossburied with john
RineerJohn K.Oct 8 1920July 28, 2000US Navy WWIIburied with anna??yes
RoachAlice Walker??ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel Walker Roachyes
Roach IIWalter T.19101969ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel Walker Roachyes
ShayEva A.died july 29, 1908aged 2 mo74Bertram Shayyes
ShayElizabeth1876193174Bertram Shayyes
ShayRev. Bertram1868193074Bertram Shayyes
ShayRev. B. Warner1900198674Bertram Shayyes
ShayViola B1906199974Bertram Shayyes
SheelerEmma P.born june 2. 1833sept 16, 1909mother53David P. Sheeleryes
SheelerLillian H.18891994buried with earl
SheelerEarl L.18901981buried with lillian53David P. Sheeleryes
SheelerElwood J.18661940buried with sarah53David P. Sheeleryes
SheelerSarah M.18731959buried with elwood53David P. Sheeleryes
SheelerDavidFeb 16, 1830Dec 7, 1910father53David P. Sheeleryes
SimmonsS. Mildred1890192442R. Barclay Simmonsyes
SimmonsMartha J.born 1st mo 18 (?) 1856188942R. Barclay Simmonsyes
SimmonsRuth A.Aug 12, 1889Apr 12, 192442R. Barclay Simmonsyes
SimmonsAlfred L.18711930buried with mary
SimmonsMary A.18781965wife of Alfredburied with alfred (see comments?)59Mary & Grant Simmonsyes
SimmonsU. Grant18621903erected by g.c.s.it was noticed while posting this information that U. Grant Simmons us listed on two seperate cards, and has, consequently, been buried in two different plots. It is assumed that only one of the locations was, in fact, used.59Mary & Grant Simmonsyes
SimmonsU. Grant1862190357 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsWilliam Ellery18681920at restcard has brackets around William and Ida. It is assumed that this means they were married.57 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsPrivate Walter18881926c.o.l 316, inf 79 division, soncard lists "Private" as apparent given name. It was felt that this was probably an oversight, and has been lister as Walter's military rank.57 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsHerman A.Oct 12 1897July 4 196257/58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsT. Irwin19131995buried with mildred97Beverly S. Backenstoneyes
SimmonsMildred L.19082005
SimmonsJames K.April 15 1900Jan 24, 198357 & 58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsElmer L.Oct 6 1895June 13 186457/58William Ellery Simmonsyes
SimmonsEmma F.18701942his wifeburied with lilwellyn59Mary & Grant Simmonsyes
SimmonsLilwwellyn D.18731960buried with emma
SimmonsGeorge H.18331875buried with mary59Mary & Grant Simmonsyes
SimmonsMary J.18291918buried with george, card has brackets around george and Mary, it is assumed this means that they were married59Mary & Grant Simmonsyes
SnyderClinton H.18751967buried with ethel45Joseph P. Greistyes
SnyderEthel Griest18811957burried with clinton45Joseph P. Greistyes
TroutJacob S.18501934shares viola frank edit mabel50B. Frank Reedyes
TroutViola M.18561927shares jacob frank edit mabel50B. Frank Reedyes
UmbleGalvin B.19242013vmd, buried with mary
UmbleMary Jane Walker1927buried with calvin
WalkerAsahel C.18671902ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerHelen Bruner18551956ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerJ. Earl18941991ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerSidnie T.18971974ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerRobert19251925ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerPhoebe R.19301984ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerJoseph H.18571943ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE, card does not state "father" of whom. it is assumed Joseph is the father of Earl Walker. 93, 54 ?Earl Walker, Aashel C. Walker ???yes
WalkerEmma A.18711958MotherALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerMary E.18961910ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
WalkerJames M.born 5th mo. 1, 1843died 2nd mo. 15th 1919.admitted to the lancaster bar bar 1879, illegible top52-BJames M. Walkeryes
WalkerLida A. F.18471888our mother, wife of james m walker. daughter of samuel & phebe hood fawkes. other epitath illegible52-BJames M. Walkeryes
WalkerIsaac HamptonMar 29, 1869Apr 23 1899our beloved son, first born son of James M & Lida A. Walker, born at evans place, died at his father's home at Gap, illegible epitath52-BJames M. Walkeryes
WalkerWilliam E.Born March 16, 1871died marc 30, 1940Father52-BWilliam E. Walkeryes
WalkerMary E.born sept 1 1970died may 18, 1919wife of William E. Walker, mother52-BWilliam E. Walkeryes
WalkerJames Marshall1873196152-AWilliam E. Walkeryes
WalkerMabel Justis1886197752-AWilliam E. Walkeryes
WalkerLida Eborn mar 18 1913died aug 29, 1917patient sufferer52-AWilliam E. Walkeryes
WallaceSara Louisa1843193455-AJoseph Livingstonyes
WallsCarlton B.11/6/189211/13/1956U.S.N.R. World War I.76Willis G. Lantzyes
WarnerSarah E.1843191475Napoleon B. Warneryes
WarnerNapoleon B.18381920father, C.O.F. 124, Rec PA Vol. INF.75Napoleon B. Warneryes
WarnerEthel S.1881196175Napoleon B. Warneryes
WhitsonTheoodore1840189946-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonEliza R.1840192146-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonBettyOct 19, 1911May 20, 19944Daughter of Henry & hester gray whitson46-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonHenry18721952buried with hester46-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonHester Gray18781968buried with henry46-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonHenry GrayMar 8,1915Apr 11, 1976tec. 4 us. army W.W. II46-ATheodore Whitsonyes
WhitsonMary W.1844191147-BSamuel Whitsonyes
WhitsonFrancis1834191047-BSamuel Whitsonyes
WhitsonSamuel1-29-18386-9-1916illegible47-BSamuel Whitsonyes
WikerNevin K.1938fathershares elaine and deborah
WikerElaine v.19422002mothershares nevin and deborah
WikerDeborah M.1964daughtershares nevin and elaine
WikerJ. Evan19071922buried with ruth, it is assumed that J. Evan Wiker is the owner of this plot100Wikeryes
WikerRuth A.19091987buried with j evan, it is assumed that J. Evan Wiker is the owner of this plot 100Wikeryes
WiseGrover P.18961974ALL NAMES ARE ON SAME TOMBSTONE54Aashel C. Walkeryes
Wright M.D.John S.10 Mo. 29 18339 Mo. 8 191073Dr. John Wrightyes
Wright M.D.Mary Hanna1852194073Dr. John Wrightyes
pennockmargaretta w.born 4, mo 15, 1840 died 4, mo. 17, 1906wife of francis pannock49francis p pennocky
Tacie E.born aug. 6, 1867died oct 7, 1938daughter of Samuel & rachek e. Fawkes, daughter
?lucydied ? 1862aged 7 years, buried with arthur, laura
?arhurdied 10 mo. ? 1866aged 3 years, buried with lucy and laura
?lauradied 4 mo. 25 1881aged 10 years
B ?cremation
illegible cremarion
illegible cremation
illegible cremation
illegible cremation
illegible cremation
illegible cremation
J II Wfather
J. Earl
illegibleMarch 16, 1892aged ? 23 yrs. 4 mo, 25 days
illegibleOct 2. 1892aged 62 yrs. 3 mo. 3 days
unknown cremation
unknown cremation
unknown cremation
unknown cremation or burial
Edgar B.feb 21st, 1898son of david ? & Emaa F.P. Sheeler
ora aMarch 9, 1892wife of elwood sheeler, aged 21
stephen dAug 15, 1937son of norman p & julia a. coates, aged 3 mo
ida m.18531939wife of ellery simmons, at rest

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